Looking ahead hasn't always worked out for certain fighters. Edgar Berlanga, just like his contemporaries, isn’t trying to discredit Jason Quigley but by and large, the 26-year-old views him as a stepping stone and tenuous threat this Saturday night.

There’s a pot of gold waiting for Berlanga if he takes care of business, one that’s filled with the sort of coins that will take his career to the next level. Canelo Alvarez, of course, is the carrot that’s being dangled in the face of Berlanga. But before he moves on to eventually face the super middleweight boss, Eddie Hearn, his current promoter, believes that he’ll have to get more comfortable fighting at the elite level.

Quigley, naturally, doesn't fit that mold but if Berlanga (20-0, 16 KOs) takes him out both quickly and spectacularly, Matchroom’s leader would love to shove Berlanga into the ring with Gennadiy Golovkin.

Images of Golovkin’s face being covered in the blood of his opponents are normally the first thing that pops up when his name is typed into Google searches. Maybe that’s a bit terrifying to sum but for Berlanga, that possible war is exactly what gets his engine going.

“That’ll be crazy,” Berlanga told BoxingScene.com recently. “I swear to God I want that fight.”

Fighting Golovkin is one thing, but living to tell the tale is something else entirely. At his absolute best, the former Olympic silver medalist sliced and diced his competition, resulting in two separate unified middleweight reigns. Nowadays, however, Golovkin (42-2-1, 37 KOs) doesn't appear too interested in rolling out of bed and returning to the ring.

Since coming up short against Canelo Alvarez late last year, Golovkin has made a number of flummoxing moves. For starters, the now 41-year-old tossed his WBA, IBF, and IBO 160-pound titles in the nearest trash bin. Also, despite countless names calling him out, Golovkin has paid them mostly no mind.

What could be next for Golovkin is an open-ended question. Ultimately, regardless of what he decides to do next, Berlanga doesn't view Golovkin as some almighty terror. Instead, he considers him a gateway that could lead him directly to the top of the super middleweight division.

“Right now I feel like, a fight with like GGG, one of these guys - I beat them, I’m right in line with whoever.”