The belief is strong around Robert Meriwether and the 19-year-old prospect has been labeled a future star.

Meriwether hopes to continue toward greatness on Wednesday, May 8, as a part of Wednesday Night Fights when he faces undefeated Victor Manuel Lopez Gala from the ProBox TV Events Center in Plant City, Florida – live on the ProBox TV app. 

Meriwether (5-0, 2 KOs) has made it clear he wants to meet the lofty expectations many have for his career. 

“I’m grateful to be thought of so highly – but I know I deserve it,” Meriweather said. “I just continue to work and make sure that those labels come true. I have special attributes. I have speed, I have power and I am a great boxer, but I can also take my opponent out if I want to.”

Like many fighters, Meriwether is trained by his father of the same name, Robert Meriwether II. Meriwether explained the dynamic as he detailed what adds to his growth; the X-factor being the unconditional love he feels from his father. 

“We have a father-son relationship, but we also have a coach and fighter relationship,” Meriwether explained. “With the added love he has for me outside of boxing that just adds fuel to our fire.”

Meriwether doesn’t know much about his opponent on Wednesday other than he is dangerous and unbeaten, so Meriwether is determined to be the best version of himself. Lopez (5-0, 3 KOs) has the same record as Meriwether with one more knockout. 

“I just know he is a taller guy,” said Meriwether.

The prospect concluded camp in Las Vegas, Nevada, before heading to Florida for his final preparations. Meriwether is confident that he is going to emerge as one of the new faces of professional boxing and that it all begins on May 8th.

“I am just a different fighter than a basic fighter,” claimed Meriwether.