Shelly Finkel, co-manager of former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, says his boxer does have respect for Tyson Fury and believes there would be a show of sportsmanship if they meet face to face in the future.

Last Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Fury retained the WBC world title when he knocked Wilder out in the eleventh round of a fireworks fight from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

It was the third meeting between the two fighters, who first collided in 2018.

After the fight was over, Fury made his way over to Wilder's corner and attempted to shake hands with his rival.

According to Fury, his gesture of sportsmanship was rejected.

"I just said well done and he said I don’t want to show any sportsmanship and respect. I said no problem," Fury said of the incident. "[I was] very surprised. [He’s] a sore loser, an idiot."

Finkel believes the interaction would be a lot different if they meet again.

"Him and I have spoke about that and he does [respect Fury],’ Finkel told The Sun.

"I think his mind wasn’t really there, I think if Deontay saw Fury now he would give him a big embrace."

Finkel explains that early on Fury caught Wilder with a good shot to the ear that affected him for most of the fight. Wilder's left ear was bleeding when the fight was over.

"He’s doing well, he gives all credit to Fury to perform the way he did,. But early in the fight Deontay, probably around the third round, when he got hit, he got hit by the ear and it threw his equilibrium off," Finkel said.

"And I was watching and I said, ‘what happened to his legs?’ Because he trained so hard. He also, somewhere in the middle rounds, broke his right hand behind the third knuckle and he has to have that fixed next week. He has to have surgery, the knuckle is OK, it’s the bone behind the knuckle that broke."