WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury would love to see Jake Paul fight father John Fury, who is 58-years-old.

For the last two years, Paul has been trying to put a fight together with Tyson's younger brother, light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury.

They were initially set to collide last year, but Fury withdrew with an injury. That fight was rescheduled to this past August. And once again Fury was pulled from the event - after the British boxer was denied entry into the United States.

Earlier this month, Paul traveled to Dubai to watch Tommy Fury take part in an exhibition bout with Rolly Lambert.

After the exhibition had concluded, there were heated words between John Fury and Paul.

The elder Fury ripped off his shirt and vocally erupted - challenging Paul to fight him in the ring.

"You, now, I want to fight you! I'm the king of the bare-knuckle man, I can fight Mike Tyson to the death," John Fury yelled.,

Tyson believes his father would do a real number on Paul (6-0, 4 KOs) in the ring.

“I think my dad would rip his heart out and feed it to him and the man is nearly 60 years old," Tyson Fury told The MMA Hour.

“I think my dad and Jake Paul should have a bare-knuckle fight to the end. That would be a spectacle and I would give $100 to see it, pay-per-view.”

There are now ongoing discussions, once again, to make a fight between Paul and Tommy Fury. Paul, who last month won an eight round decision over MMA legend Anderson Silva, is looking to return on a date in the month of February.