Cruiserweight contender Tommy McCarthy is furious with the outcome of last Saturday's fight with Chris Billam-Smith.

The two boxers fought for the EBU, Commonwealth and British titles at Fight Camp in Brentwood, with Bill-Smith walking away with a close twelve round split decision.

One judge saw it 115-114 for McCarthy, with the second scoring 115-114 Billam-Smith, and the third tallying a card of 116-112 for Billam-Smith.

McCarthy is now demanding that a second fight takes place, with his promoter Eddie Hearn promising to get a rematch done.

Whether or not that rematch will be immediate is unknown.

“When I heard that score of 116-112 I just walked out of the ring in disgust, I just couldn’t believe it. I walked past Eddie Hearn and I was fuming but he said, ‘don’t worry we’ll do it again’ and I know that he can make it happen,” said McCarthy to the Belfast Telegraph.

“How could one of the judges have it eight rounds to four after a fight like that? I’ve seen what has been happening on social media and it has been going crazy with most people saying that I won the fight.

“It was a tough fight and there were times I was feeling the pace, but I came on strong and in the championship rounds I was the better man. The only fight I want next is the rematch. It’s just so annoying and hurts a lot because I know that could have won a lot more comfortably if I had stuck to my boxing.

“I should have made it more decisive. There were too many rounds, particularly in the middle stages that were too subjective. I know I’m the better boxer, the more skilful fighter and I shouldn’t have allowed it to be so close. Maybe because I hurt him badly early on it put me off my game-plan … I just know when the rematch happens it will be a different fight.”