Light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury is planning to move forward with his pro career by facing legitimate boxers in the future.

During 2023, the 24-year-old has been taking part in crossover boxing matches.

The opportunities have been very lucrative, but they have also derailed the progression of his pro career.

Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, picked up an eight round split decision win over Youtuber turned boxer, Jake Paul, in February.

On Saturday night in Manchester, Fury handed another social media star his first career defeat, when he secured a six round majority decision over KSI.

After the fight, Fury expressed his desire to step away from crossover boxing - but he also said he was willing to have a rematch with Jake Paul or fight older brother Logan Paul.

One thing Fury won't do is have a rematch with KSI.

"He goes his way, I go mine. I'm done with all this sh!t. All this crossover sh!t. I'm not part of that, I'm here to fight and we go on to the next challenge now," Fury said.

"I'm done with the bullsh!t. F--- the bullsh!t, on to the next challenge. Any of the Pauls want it I welcome it with open arms."

Before the fight took place, Fury explained that the only reason he accepted the opportunities against Paul and KSI was because of the money that was involved.

"It's easy money. Anybody else in my position wouldn't turn it down. Even world champions. These YouTube fights are not my highest point in life. I'm here to do a lot more than that," Fury said.

"Tyson first fought for a world title at 27, I'm still years off that. So I don't know who is going to be around and whoever does have the belt, I want to challenge for it. 100 percent. I've not trained all my life [to stop now]. Don't forget I was a boxer before this YouTube stuff came about. I've not trained all my life to get in the ring with a YouTuber and get a good payday. I've trained to be world champion. When all these fights have been and gone, I'm still going to pursue that."