Teofimo Lopez Sr. believes some of you need to get your eyes checked. He simply can’t understand why his son, Teofimo Lopez, is the center of controversy at the moment.

This past Thursday, many were under the impression that his son was thoroughly outboxed at the hands of Jamaine Ortiz. Two of the three judges sitting ringside were in agreement that the pair fought practically on even terms, scoring it 115-113 for Lopez. The third set of eyes had it a bit wider, 117-111.

Lopez Sr. didn’t have a problem with one of those scorecards, but the other two? He isn’t sure what they, or anyone else, were watching.

“I think the 117-111 was alright but I had him winning almost every round,” said a pumped-up Lopez Sr. to Fight Hub TV. “This is crazy.”

Currently, Lopez Sr. is on an island by himself. Many, including former two-division champ turned ESPN commentator, Tim Bradley, saw a close fight but one that Ortiz should’ve been given the edge to.

Before Ortiz officially stepped into the ring, he made a two-way promise. On one end, he promised an action-packed fight. On the other, he assured Lopez that he would knock him into next week. But, once the opening bell rang, things played out incredibly differently.

Ortiz used his legs all night long. He fought defensively on the outside, rarely threw combinations, and did his best to simply box his way to a unanimous decision. It wasn’t the most exciting fight in the world but Ortiz wholeheartedly believed he did more than enough to earn the victory. Lopez Sr. though, finds Ortiz’s actions somewhat disgraceful. It’s one thing to box but from his point of view, what Ortiz was doing wasn’t that.

“If you wanted to box, okay, I can understand that. But you gotta let your hands go while you box.”