Irish icon Katie Taylor and Puerto Rican star Amanda Serrano meet on July 20 in Arlington, Texas, in a rematch of their New York epic in 2022.

They will fight for Taylor’s undisputed super lightweight titles with Taylor, 23-1 (6 KOs) defending her belt over 10 two-minute rounds against Serrano, 46-2-1 (30 KOs) and they spoke in Texas on Thursday at the second leg of a press tour that started in New York before they head back to their camps for the huge fight. 

They are sharing a bill with Mike Tyson and Jake Paul.

I feel like I'm a better fighter this time around,” said Taylor, of the attractive rematch. “I’m smarter, I’m stronger, I’m better in every way. I took her biggest shots at the first fight. I take confidence and reassurance from that. Going into the second fight, I took her hardest fights. I took her hardest punches – I took them and I’m ready to go. July 20, I’ll be at my very, very best and we'll see who the better fighter is. I already believe I’m the best female fighter in the world pound-for-pound, and I'll approve it again on July 20.”

Their first battle was voted Fight of the Year in some quarters, and Taylor is expecting another hard night, and she is preparing for one.

“I think for me, I'm just putting my head down, getting to work in the gym,” she explained. “I train so hard. I think all of us here are just putting the work in a gym and that prepares you mentally for the fight. So I put my body through the trenches and that allows me to put my body through the trenches on fight night as well, so I just can't wait. This is going to be a phenomenal night.”

Serrano was asked whether she could carry her power up to 140lbs, and was confident that he would be the puncher on July 20.

Well, obviously you saw my power went up at 135. I was the one who hurt her that fight. I was never hurt in the first fight and I planned that I'll have that power, the same power and I’m going to go out there and punch like I love to do, but just a little bit more intense and a lot harder.

“I’ve been saying it for a long time. I believe I won that fight. You can ask the audience who won that fight. You can even ask your Irish people who won that fight. I respect Katie. She’s a great champion. Like you said, I need a great dance partner and Katie Taylor is that dance partner, but deep down inside, I know I won that fight.”

Serrano also said victory would make her the best pound-for-pound female fighter in the world.

“I definitely believe so,” she added. “You have to remember also, she's [Katie] fighting a featherweight. She's fighting a featherweight champion going up to her weight, so I mean when I win, I will be pound for pound the best.”