The WBC immediately established a task force to analyze the situation which occurred Saturday night in Nova Scotia, Canada when local fighter Ryan Rozicki fought against Yamil Peralta from Argentina for The WBC vacant international cruiserweight championship.

This was an important fight for both as two top ten ranked fighters were looking to inch close to a world title

It was rendered a split decision win for Rozicki, which immediately created controversy.


* The WBC appointed a panel of officials to review the fight and it unanimously determined that Peralta should have been awarded the victory.

* The WBC has also taken into consideration the strong objection which we had all along with regard to the appointment of the ring officials from the local boxing authority, as they selected all four local officials .

* The WBC decided to continue sanctioning the event, in order not to affect the promotion or the fighters.

* The WBC has received the official report from the WBC assigned supervisor of the event, in which he confirms that unfortunately it was a wrong decision.

* The WBC International committee, chaired by Mauro BETTI from Italy has been actively involved in the process.

* I, as President of The WBC spoke directly with Daniel Otter, President of Three Lions Promotions and have confirmed that his company, himself and especially Ryan Rozicki himself agree with The WBC decision after reviewing all the facts.

The World Boxing Council also confirms the following:

- The WBC International Cruiserweight championship remains vacant.

- An immediate rematch will be ordered with the condition that an all neutral panel ( not from Canada nor Argentina) officiates the rematch.

- The ratings committee will not consider the result in their evaluation for the official ranking for the month of May.

"The WBC wishes to recognize the great fight performed by Yamil Peralta as well as the great effort from Ryan Rozicki," said WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman.

"The sportsmanship showed by both camps, especially the magnificently humbling action of Rozicki, as he raised the hand of Peralta after the result was announced, confirms that boxing is a great sport, extolling honor and underlining fair play. We are committed to safety, but also to fairness."