Getting a crack at a world title is all that Richardson Hitchins wants. However, he would prefer that it came against a particular champion.

Currently, the IBF has Hitchins ranked as their third-highest contender. Well, technically he occupies the number one slot since both the number one and number two spaces are vacant. Right behind Hitchins in the rankings is Jack Catterall. In order to determine who deserves the next shot at Subriel Matias, the sanctioning body recently ordered a purse bid.

That mandated bid, nevertheless, was postponed due to both sides asking for additional time. So far, all signs point to the pair coming to an agreement and getting it on later this year.

Although a win over Catterall will line Hitchins up with a date against Matias, the 25-year-old wants to get his hands on someone else entirely.

“Arnold Barboza, let’s rock,” wrote Hitchins on his social media account. “You suck my guy.”

For the 32-year-old, Hitchins’ call-out is practically extraneous. Considering that he’s the number one contender in the WBO for Teofimo Lopez, Barboza is in an ideal situation. Although he could’ve sat back and waited his turn, Barboza figured that activity was a better move.

This past weekend, he solidified his standing with an eighth-round stoppage win over fringe contender, Xolisani Ndongeni. Taking more risks may not happen as Barboza will now wait to see how Lopez does against Jamaine Ortiz on February 8th.

Hitchins, in the meanwhile, may have to go down the IBF route. However, while he isn’t afraid of Matias, Hitchins believes a fight between them means that the chips would be stacked against him.

The IBF is currently the only sanctioning body that forces their champions and challengers to go through a second-day weigh-in on the day of the fight. With only 10 pounds of wiggle room to work with, Hitchins isn’t thrilled about abiding by their rules.

Will Hitchins bite down on his mouth guard and continue on his path to that red trinket? That’s a question that he will have to answer in the coming months. With that said, he would much rather push the IBF to the side and attempt to get in the good graces of the WBO.

“I want that WBO number one spot.”