Reece Cartwright is calling for an immediate rematch with Shakan Pitters after some controversy in their fight at the weekend (November 13).

Leeds’ Cartwright and Birmingham’s Pitters met at Coventry’s Skydome for the vacant World Boxing Council International Light Heavyweight Title in a fight that certainly lived up to expectations.

The match was highly-anticipated with just two defeats between the pair in 38 contests ahead of the fight, including 19 KOs.  From the first bell, the action was intense with Cartwright – the much smaller man – forcing the action and continually pushing Pitters onto the back foot.

The end came in round eight though when Shakan caught the Yorkshireman with a shot that had him over.  Despite it being a heavy blow, Cartwright was up early, on steady legs, looked clear eyed and signaled to the referee that he was fine to carry on … only for John Latham to wave proceedings off.

Many in the arena and at ringside were perplexed at the decision.  The referee’s job isn’t an easy one and he has to make a judgement in that moment, but the ending left Cartwright feeling that an injustice had been done.

Now, after some time to reflect, Reece has given his version of events, and says he wants an immediate rematch with the new belt holder.

“I felt I was winning the fight and like I was two or three rounds up,” said Cartwright, 27.  “I was forcing it and he was having to fight my way.  Even when it did get to the long game, I was beating him to the jab.  It was my fight all over.

“It was definitely the wrong decision from the ref, but there’s no point me standing in the ring and kicking off at him because you have to respect him, he’s just doing his job.  But it massively affects my life.  I got up, I was absolutely fine, I put my gloves out for the referee to wipe on his shirt.  He said ‘are you good to go, good to fight on’, I looked him in the eye and said ‘yes’, then he waved it off!  He didn’t even ask me to walk forward, nothing.

“If I’d been allowed to carry on, I’d have one hundred percent won the fight.  After the knockdown, I’d have come out and had the best round of the fight because I knew I’d have to pull some back.

“I’ve now got a 28 day suspension, but I’d take the rematch on the 29th day!  I saw Shakan in the drug testing room after and he said he’d honor the rematch, so that’s what I want straightaway.”