Ray Beltran came to Miami looking for something different.

At 40 years of age and with more than a decade as a professional boxer, it is strange to hear that, but the Mexican warrior wants to add something from the Cuban school of boxing and is seriously considering a change of environment.

Recently, the former world champion held several training sessions with trainer Franco González and it would not be surprising if he finds common ground in the future to work together in this new stage as a fighter.

“We came to visit our friend Franco González and learning from the Cuban school, something that is new to me, but it is not new to boxing. It makes me sad, because I see the talent of Cuban boxers and I see it partially neutralized by the government. It is an ugly injustice to limit a human being. I respect the Cubans who raffle it off and cross the sea to come look for a dream, which all immigrants want," Beltran told George Ebro.

Beltran has no intention of retiring at the moment.

He was stopped by then champion Richard Commey in June of 2019. Beltran resumed his career more than two years later, picking up a quick stoppage win in October of last year.

Now the veteran boxer is planning to make one final world title run at junior welterweight.

“I try not to listen to negative comments. Boxing is for young fighters, because that's where the business is, television. Allowing negativity gets into you in a bad state of mind. I focus on what is mine and what is put in front of me. Nothing more than that," Beltran said.

“The blows of life are for two things: to make you stronger or knock you down. I am rebellious, I like challenges, I can't break. I believe in myself and what I can do. I am not satisfied, I am ambitious. I appreciate what I have, but I'm always looking for a new goal. My dream is to go against all odds and show the world that I can succeed.

“I believe in my possibilities. Top Rank won't put any of their 140-pounders against me, because they're afraid I'll nail them. I respect Taylor, Ramírez, Cepeda. But they are selling lies to the people. They don't put any of the new guys against me. I will fight in February in Los Angeles and hopefully I can reach the big fights."