Tijuana, Mexico - In a battle of former world champions, Humberto Soto (69-9-2, 37 KOs) turned back the clock and won a twelve round unanimous decision over Brandon Rios (35-5-1, 26 KOs) in a fire fight.

The scores were 119-111, 118-112, 118-112.

Rios failed to make the welterweight limit on Friday, coming in at over 151 and the fight moved forward after Soto was paid more money.

Soto was landing numerous hard counters on Rios in the first round. Rios, being the bigger man, was taking the punches but he was being moved by the shots. In the second, Rios was really letting his hands go and connecting on Soto, who was doing what he could to fight Rios off with very hard punches that Rios was feeling.

soto-rios-fight (2)

They continued to trade big punches in rounds three and four, with Soto landing the catchier shots. Soto was slowing down, but still punching in round five. Rios continued to come forward and apply pressure. Soto rallied with a variety of punches at the end of the sixth.

soto-rios-fight (5)

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soto-rios-fight (1)

soto-rios-fight (3)


The contest was swinging in both directions during the seventh and eight, with both having their moments. Soto looked dead tired in the ninth and then came alive in the final twenty seconds throwing combinations. Soto, who was fighting on mental strength as Rios was stalking and throwing, followed the same plan in rounds ten and eleven with late flurries.

In the twelfth, both were dead tired - but Soto was landing the flashier punches to get the crowd going.

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