By Rene Umanzor

According to former four division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will not be considered the 'greatest of all time' - even with a victory over division rival Manny Pacquiao.

Marquez lost a lopsided twelve round unanimous decision to Mayweather and fought Pacquiao four times, including a sixth round knockout in their fourth and final meeting in 2012.  

He says Mayweather is way too defensive in his fights and doesn't take any risks in the ring, which doesn't give fans any drama when they attend his events.

"Mayweather is not going to be the best of all the time even if he accepts the fight against Manny Pacquiao, because there are other big fighters like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, that have demonstrated the ability to attack and takes risks. They were making use of the moment. They were not overly defensive. Those fighters, yes they can be considered to be the best in the history [of boxing]," Marquez said. 

"A lot of people are going to Floyd's fights to see him win and others go to see him lose, but they are not seeing any type of spectacle, they are no sudden exchanges, there is not a lot of emotion."

Rene Umanzor covers boxing in Mexico for The Record.