Current IBF cruiserweight champion Mairis Briedis (27-1) is viewed by many observers as the current king of the cruiserweight division. 

Lawrence Okolie claimed his first world title of his career with an emphatic win to become the WBO world champion and the Hackney-man wasted no time in calling out the Latvian as soon as he had stepped out of the ring.

Briedis feels that he has nothing left to prove in the cruiserweight division and has been planning on moving to heavyweight.

However, Okolie’s call out has left the IBF champion pondering his options.

“Lawrence Okolie has shown some solid boxing in his last two fights and has earned himself a well deserved title," Briedis told

“If they can offer me something interesting enough to stick around at cruiserweight for one more fight, I would be open to do it. Eddie Hearn has Kalle Sauerland’s number.”

Although Briedis did not rate the performance of former foe, Glowacki against Okolie the 36-year-old did congratulate ‘The Sauce’ for his victory.

“It was hard to tell if Okolie was just very well prepared for Glowacki or if Glowacki wasn't really tactically or even technically ready," Briedis said.

"I say this because I just didn’t see Glowacki do anything that would make Okolie feel uncomfortable during the whole fight! And I didn’t really understand what their game plan was to win that fight.

"Congratulations to Okolie on his first title win though.”

Okolie’s desires are to unify at cruiserweight before moving on to bridgerweight and then on to heavyweight, which is where Briedis is heading himself. A clash could happen if the money’s right and the good working relationship between Eddie Hearn and Kalle Sauerland works to the benefit of the fight.