YouTuber turned boxer KSI has continued to dispute the first defeat of his boxing career.

Last October at the Manchester Arena, he lost by way of a close six round decision to unbeaten prospect Tommy Fury.

Fury, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, also handed Jake Paul his first loss in boxing.

In the fight with KSI, there was a lot of holding and the contest lacked the promised fireworks.

KSI believes the performance raised his status as a legit fighter - because Fury had trouble with his style.

“I felt like I won the fight so to have the judges completely take that moment away from me, it sucked. As soon as I got back home I was angry, disappointed and eventually I just broke down and started crying, it wasn’t fair, but life isn’t fair, am I right? I looked back at the fight and I tried to find any highlights, any showings of Tommy Fury beating me in that fight and it was just hard to see any. It was crazy because so many people thought I won the fight, from Eddie Hearn to [Israel] Adesanya to Ariel Helwani, to the millions all over the internet who thought I won the fight," KSI said.

“I feel much better, in terms of the Tommy Fury fight, I feel like I’ve come out better, much better than he is, I would much rather be in my position than his, but it’s nice to know that my fight with Tommy Fury will be the biggest fight he’ll ever have in his life. The fact that Tommy Fury was unable to knockout a YouTuber who has been boxing for about three years is actually hilarious.

“Tommy has essentially been boxing all his life and he struggled to even jab me, even with everything in his favor like the venue, the weight, the rehydration clause, he was able to just balloon to 200-pounds on fight night, even with all of that, he wasn’t able to get rid of me convincingly.”