by Rick Reeno

MGM Grand, Las Vegas - Promoter Don King is convinced that Ricardo Mayorga (29-7, 23KOs) has broken the mental will of WBA junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto (35-2, 28KOs). The fight takes place on Saturday night. At the conclusion of the last two press conferences, in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Cotto refused to face-off with Mayorga.

"Mayorga got under the skin of Cotto. I am convinced of that. Mayorga has done everything to Cotto but land the knockout punch. Mayorga has got under the skin of Cotto in the same way that Roberto Duran got under the skin of Sugar Ray Leonard. Mayorga has to finish him early, and when that happens, don't blame it on me - blame it on Bob Arum because he's the one who put the bone on the table," King said.