At times, the boogeyman moniker can be thrown around entirely too loosely. But, in the case of Subriel Matias, he’s earned it. The 31-year-old does have a stain on his record coming in 2020 but he believes it was more so a case of him not being focused. Eventually, the Puerto Rican native avenged that defeat and hasn't looked back since.

Whenever he walks through the ropes, all three judges sitting ringside are allowed to go on coffee break seeing how all of his 20 wins have come via stoppage. Beating Matias will take a special individual and that’s why Kenneth Sims is calling for a showdown against him.

Overall, Matias’ record is an impressive one. He’s fought practically every style you could think of and hasn't been forced to break a sweat. But, in the case of Sims, he took the time to juxtapose his skill set to those very fighters that Matias destroyed. After doing so, he realizes that the current IBF super lightweight champ hasn’t seen anyone quite like him.

“I just think he ain’t fought anybody with the attributes that I have,” revealed Sims on The Porter Way Podcast.

Skill set aside, Matias has shown a propensity for making his opponents quit. The pressure he puts on is numbing and nonstop, while his punches come from bemusing angles and result in rearranged faces.

There wouldn’t be anything easy about a night against Matias. Sims knows it. With that said, there isn’t a single bone in his body that would allow him to quit when things got tough in there.

“My feet are good, my speed is good, my mind is good which is the most important thing with him. He’s gonna test you mentally. At this point in my life, ain’t nobody breaking me mentally.”

It may have taken Sims (20-2-1, 7 KOs) a while, but he’s finally found his groove, winning seven straight. Getting himself back on track after a rough stretch from 2017-2018 has him feeling good about himself. Still, Sims might be confident but he isn’t self-absorbed. Not only does he believe he could beat Matias if they matched up, but he’s also convinced that another popular fighter in the same division can take him out as well.

“I think style-wise, the person that would probably handle him pretty well is Teo (Teofimo Lopez).”