George Kambosos Jr. did not mince words when he was recently asked about how he felt about the trainer and father of Teofimo Lopez Jr. after the biggest fight of his life was postponed. 

The Australian lightweight contender was originally scheduled to face Lopez, the WBA/ IBF/WBO lightweight champion, on June 19 at the LoanDepot Park (home of the Miami Marlins) in Miami, but with four days left until the bout, Lopez (16-0, 12 KOs) tested positive for Covid-19. The entire card forced the event’s promoter, Triller, to reschedule for August 14, but there is speculation that it may be postponed once more to the fall. 

Kambosos, the IBF mandatory who held his training camp in Miami, was understandably gutted by the unfortunate development, noting that after being away from his family for 13 weeks he had arranged for his pregnant wife to be flown over from Australia to be by his side. To top it all off, he was irked by what he viewed as the cavalier actions of Lopez Sr., whom he derided for having the audacity to carouse around the fight hotel in the wake of the announcement, as if nothing had happened. 

“Man, the father, is an absolute clown,” Kambosos told “The guy is Bozo the Clown, that’s who he is.

“He was at the bar every single night – drinking at the bar at the fight hotel. Just enjoying [his] time, like they had their victory and were so happy. His son just cost Triller millions of dollars. Your son just f----- up a huge event and you’ve got the [nerve] to show your face around? 

Kambosos (19-0, 10 KOs) was also peeved by Lopez Sr.’s comments during the ESPN telecast for the Vasiliy Lomachenko-Masayoshi Nakatani card last Saturday. After the Ukrainian dispatched the Japanese challenger inside nine rounds, Lopez Sr. said that he was all up for giving Lomachenko, whom his son defeated last October, a rematch.

“He’s out there talking so much rubbish,” said Kambosos. "His mouth is trying to [write] checks that his son isn’t going to be able to cash them. Because he’s trying to make the fight happen [the rematch between Lopez and Lomachenko], but at the end of the day, you can fight Lomachenko, no problem. I’m looking forward to seeing the rematch, but guess what, it won’t be for any belts. Let’s see how much of a good fight that is when I’ve taken everything.

“You see the guy he is in interviews. The guy is probably  30 drinks deep every time he does an interview. He’s a clown. That’s the kind of person he is. It’s pretty sad that he’s [Lopez Jr.] got that guy representing him.”