WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is currently relaxing in Florida with his family, as he looks ahead to a very busy 2022.

Fury was in action back in October, in what many felt was one of the best heavyweight fights in years.

He was forced to overcome two knockdowns to secure a knockout victory over Deontay Wilder in the eleventh round of their trilogy fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

It was a grueling contest that saw five total knockdowns in the bout, with Wilder hitting the deck three times.

"This will take years off our lives," said Fury to Daily Mail. "We will feel the effects of this in our later days.

"I fear only God. Never worried about fighting any man. And I always expect every heavyweight to carry a massive punch. So no. But I was aware that here was a champion with the special capacity to switch off any human with just one hit. Perhaps the heaviest puncher of all time. Some boxers have fantastic chins. But my powers of recovery are unique. Deontay's not the first to put me down. But like the others he's found out that I always get up. Always.

"I am proud to have shared a very special time with Deontay in the ring which has brought us both more fame and respect. Neither of us will ever forget being part of what people are calling one of the greatest of all heavyweight fights. Nor will the people who watched it. Coming through that fire has been good for me as a person. And for Deontay. This was an educating journey for both of us. We survived and for that I thank God. As I do for everything in my life. My wife, my family, my mental health, my boxing."

Now that Wilder is considering the possibility of walking away from the sport, Fury would like to spend some time with his former foe to bury the hatchet and reflect on their trilogy of fights.

"I hear he's beginning to think about retiring. If so we need to spend time together. We didn't take in the enormity of it all after our third fight. I still don't think we realize everything it means. Maybe, in years to come, we will be sitting with our family and friends and reminisce quietly about the fight of our lives," Fury said.