Former super middleweight champion Carl Froch erupted over some recent statements made by his career rival, Andre Ward.

During an interview, Ward explained that he felt Joe Calzaghe would have been a tougher opponent than former two-time heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

"The big, one shot would have been my concern with Anthony Joshua. He doesn’t have the style – he’s not like a big man, like George Foreman. George knows how to tie you up and walk you back and wear you down. [Joshua’s] trying to box and be cute as well. I can look out for that right hand a lot easier when you fight like that, so Joe Calzaghe would have been a tougher fight. A different style, and a different mentality," Ward told Boxing News.

Ward, a former two division champion, retired from the sport in 2017 after retaining his unified crown at light heavyweight.

Before the retirement decision was ultimately made, there were rumors that Ward was willing to entertain the scenario of moving up to the heavyweight division to challenge then world champion Joshua.

Ward would confirm those rumors the following year.

Froch believes the much bigger Joshua would have wiped out Ward - although he does believe Ward would have beaten Calzaghe had they met in the ring.

"I think Andre Ward's comments on Anthony Joshua and Joe Calzaghe are f------ ridiculous because Anthony Joshua is far too big for him. It would be a mismatch because of the size difference. I don't get where he's coming from. AJ is six feet six and 18 stone, Andre Ward wouldn't have a f------- chance," Froch said to Lord Ping.

"Boxing is a weight governed sport, Ward is talking nonsense. I think he gives Calzaghe a really tough fight though, that's a tough night for Calzaghe, a great fight. But he's talking bullsh!t about Anthony Joshua. AJ is too big and too strong for Andre Ward, I'd actually enjoy watching AJ knockout Andre Ward, I'd pay to see it.

"But Ward does beat Calzaghe, he doesn't really have any chinks in his armor. Calzaghe deserved to lose against Robin Reid, Reid should have got the nod. He also struggled against an old Hopkins and an old Roy Jones, so you've got to pick Ward over Calzaghe."