If he wanted, Floyd Schofield Jr. could've continued to score highlight-reel-worthy knockouts over opponents you never heard of. The Texas native is a 21-year-old who’s in the infancy stages of his career, making fights against bottom feeders acceptable at this point. His 2024 could be much of the same, but Schofield is hoping that he’ll match up against some tougher comp.

The number one fighter on Schofield’s list is Joseph Diaz. He’s essentially picture-perfect. He has a name, he’s a former world champion, and he’s also back in the winner’s circle after beating Jerry Perez last year.

Quietly, Schofield (16-0, 12 KOs) revealed that conclaves were underway between his team and Diaz’s. Initially, things seemed to be going just fine. Schofield even went as far as to announce their showdown on his Facebook account. Ostensibly, however, that was premature.

Schofield, at least for now, will apparently go in another direction. Although Diaz (33-4-1, 15 KOs) hasn’t said much, Schofield went ahead and revealed what the issue was from his side of the table.

“I hear he wanted half a million for the fight,” Schofield told FightHype.com during a recent sit-down interview. “But this is not the fight where you calling for half a million just yet. I’m still trying to work my way to half a mill.”

Is he disappointed? Without question. But Schofield isn’t dwelling on what could be failed negotiations. Golden Boy Promotions, the promotional banner he competes under, has a long list of 135-pounders. Schofield isn’t a shot-caller. Meaning, he’s leaving his next opponent selection to his team and management. If a showdown against Diaz can’t be worked out, he would love to face someone who’s been running through his competition without breaking a sweat.

“If he don’t take it, I’m more than happy to take on (William) Zepeda next.”