Keyshawn Davis vs. Floyd Schofield Jr. makes all the sense in the world. Both compete in the same weight class, are relatively new when it comes to the title picture, and both are being touted as future stars.

It’s a fight that they want. Well, at least it was. Schofield (16-0, 12 KOs) has done some thinking over the last few weeks. No longer does he appear interested in fighting Davis. Instead, he’d much rather get it on with his good friend and someone who’s considered on a higher level.

“Shakur Stevenson, what's wrong with your brother Keyshawn Davis?” Questioned Schofield on his social media account. “He would be light weight for me; I would destroy your brother. Why go after a pawn, if you can conquer the kings of the division?”

In the game of chess, the king is the most important piece while the pawns play somewhat of an insignificant role. When it comes to the lightweight division, Schofield views Stevenson as the top dog and the man to beat.

Schofield’s call-out has to be music to Stevenson’s ears. After failing to get a big-name opponent to fight him, the former Olympic silver medalist claimed he was done with the sport. That, of course, didn’t last long as Stevenson recently revealed that he plans on fighting in June. His opponent, at least for now, is unknown. Schofield doesn’t expect to get the call so soon. He is, however, hoping that they can work something out.

Stevenson (21-0, 10 KOs) isn’t a man who receives a ton of challenges normally. With that said, Schofield wants him to know that they can jump in the ring and trade hooks before 2024 comes to a close.

“Shakur, you say no one will fight you. I challenge you to a fight at the end of the year.”