The prospect of having to endure the most strenuous weight cut of his career was apparently not reason enough for Chris Eubank Jr. to seek some outside help.

The longtime middleweight and super middleweight contender has to make the 157-pound mark in order for his ballyhooed catchweight fight with welterweight countryman Conor Benn to take place as planned, without incurring any financial repercussions.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Benn had tested positive for traces of a banned substance back in August. While the British Boxing Board of Control have prohibited the bout from taking place - at the moment the fight is still going forward as planned - as promoter Eddie Hearn and his legal team are working around the clock to keep the event intact. 

Provided there is no postponement, the two will trade punches this Saturday at The O2 in London in a fight that has garnered much attention in that country because of the fighters’ respective patrimonies: Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank Sr. were sworn rivals in the 1990s, and their two fights captured the imagination of the British public. There is also a rehydration clause in place for Eubank Jr.-Benn—the exact figure has not been disclosed—which prevents either fighter from coming above a certain weight on the morning of the fight.

Initially, the famously self-oriented Eubank Jr., 33, suggested that he might consider retaining the services of a nutritionist to help him make 157 pounds. At the press conference for Eubank Jr.-Benn in August, Eubank Jr. repeatedly stated that the weight stipulations would effectively handicap him on fight night, to the extent that he only stands to be at “60%” capacity.

But, in a recent interview, Eubank Jr. revealed that he has been cutting weight on his own terms all along, without the help of “nutritionists and gym guys.”

“Absolutely not, no,” Eubank Jr. said of employing a nutritionist in an interview on Good Morning Britain. “I’m doing everything on my own accord. I’ve had my burgers and my birthday cakes. I’ve done everything my own way. I’m a professional but I also know what my body can do and what it can’t do.

“I don’t need nutritionists and gym guys that think they know what they’re doing. I know my own body.”

In the leadup to the fight, Eubank Jr. has repeatedly posted videos of himself scarfing down high-calorie foods. In one post, he is seen walking around with a KFC bucket tucked in his arm.

Nevertheless, Eubank Jr. said he is on schedule to make weight.

"I’m calm, I’m happy, I’m on weight,” he said.