Despite being in the genesis of his career, Keyshawn Davis isn’t exactly interested in taking the slow and meticulous route up the lightweight ladder. Despite having only a handful of bouts underneath his belt, the former Olympic silver medalist has continued to call out a bevy of top-tier names, in particular, Frank Martin.

With the two jawing back and forth in the public eye, Derrick James, Martin’s trainer, becomes incredulous whenever he hears more of Davis’ outlandish callouts. Although he wholeheartedly respects Davis (8-0, 6 KOs) and what he brings to the table, the newly crowned Trainer of the Year is convinced that the end result of their clash would be detrimental to the 24-year-old’s career.

“What’s the point of that fight?” Questioned James during a recent interview with ESNEWS. “Even for him. Why would Top Rank do that when they're trying to build him up? Say he loses the fight, he’s done, they don’t wanna deal with him anymore. They gonna let him go, they gonna cut him because they did something that you wanted.”

In addition to James believing that a showdown between both Martin and Davis is a bit undercooked, at the moment, Martin (17-0, 12 KOs) appears to be on his way to fighting for a world title.

Ostensibly, Martin’s inclusion amongst the lightweight division’s best was solidified following a banner 2022. With two victories already in his back pocket, Martin closed his year strongly by taking care of business against Michelle Rivera.

Now, with his name buzzing, Martin is hoping to secure a world title bout at some point this year.

As for Davis, his propensity for mentioning Martin has become both nauseating and befuddling for coach James. All in all, the renowned trainer urges the young up-and-comer to take his brazen remarks down a notch. While James understands his desire to make an immediate splash, at this stage, he concludes that Davis should take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

“The promoters have a plan. The promoters are there to build you, develop you, get the right opponents. That’s not the right opponent no matter how bad he wants it. There’s no benefit to anybody. Who’s gonna pay for it?”