Former middleweight world champion David Lemieux was scheduled to face Polish boxer Robert Talarek (24-13-3, 16 KOs) last month, but fate decided otherwise.

Lemieux (41-4-0, 34 KOs) suffered a back injury in training and had to withdraw from the Eye of the Tiger Management gala scheduled for Rimouski.

The Canadian puncher has not been very active, with only a single fight on his ledger since September 2018. Last December, he was dropped twice and had to rally to win a split decision against Maksym Bursak.

The result against the 35-year-old Ukrainian was not so well received, with some observers believing the fight should have been a draw.

"I felt good in the ring, but the 15 months of inactivity before the fight was playing against me," Lemieux admitted to "Dave Morissette Live" on TVA Sports.

"I watched the fight for the first time yesterday. I was not really satisfied, but my hats off to him. He was very tough and very ready.  Several things did not play in my favor in this fight. I showed courage to accomplish what I had to do. It was very surprising and very tough.”

Lemieux was sidelined two to three weeks after being injured and could not adequately complete his training camp for the February gala.

He says he wants to improve aspects of his technique, but the ongoing pandemic with the coronavirus has curbed those plans.

"There are things we want to change, but with what's going on right now, it's getting in the way for us," Lemieux said.

Lemieux also says he wants to raise his level of physical conditioning, since his opponents usually do everything possible to avoid his power in the first half and attempt to drag out the contest to the later rounds.

“My physical condition must be better at all times. If I have to chase guys, I have to be able to do it. My defense must also be better. It takes good preparation, but there are still many good years ahead of me," Lemieux said.

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