Less than a month after Edwin De Los Santos landed only 40 total punches against Shakur Stevenson, Regis Prograis landed 36 punches over 12 rounds against Devin Haney, setting the new CompuBox record for fewest total punches landed in a twelve round fight. Prograis only landed 2 punches in six of the twelve rounds. Haney’s elusiveness resulted in Prograis landing 10% of his punches.

Haney’s accuracy resulted in him landing 47% of his power punches. With the exception of body punches landed, Haney dominated Prograis in every statistical category tracked by CompuBox, and he scored the fight’s sole knockdown in the third round.

San Francisco - For the WBC junior welterweight title, Devin Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) became a two-division world champion by dropping and dominating Regis Prograis (39-2, 24 KOs).

All three judges had it 120-107.