This weekend’s rematch between Chantelle Cameron and Katie Taylor is being billed as ‘Repeat or Revenge?’

After inflicting Taylor’s first professional defeat in May, will Cameron return to Dublin and once again prove to be too much for the Irish legend or will Taylor be able to turn the tables and join a select group of fighters to have won undisputed titles at two different weights.

Cameron isn’t interested in a repeat. The unbeaten and undisputed super lightweight champion is back in Dublin and intent on beating Taylor in even more impressive fashion than she did in May. 

“100%. I’m not complacent whatsoever and that’s why I’ve put the work in. I feel like it’s the best training camp I’ve ever had because I knew I was gonna be up against a Katie who’s seeking revenge and I couldn’t think it’s gonna be a walk in the park. It definitely isn’t. It’s the fittest I’ve ever been,” Cameron said at the final pre-fight press conference.

“I always set a hot pace. Every single time I fight I go in there and set the pace and I’ve got a high workrate. I’m gonna do what I’ve gotta do and I can also adapt. I can adapt to any situation. As much as I can have a high workrate, get stuck in and have a fight I can also box.”

Cameron appears much more comfortable in the spotlight than she did in May. Although she was the defending champion, Cameron walked to the ring first and the whole encounter was built as Taylor’s homecoming after years of success around the world. Cameron has been a part of some major events but a Katie Taylor fight week is a different animal. This time, Cameron is fully prepared for the intense media scrutiny and has been relaxing into the week’s events.

“I do feel really comfortable. I’m embracing the week. I’m enjoying it for once where I usually hate all this. I’m just taking it in my stride,” she said.

“I’ve had great preparation. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and the strongest I’ve ever been. I haven’t got a torn tricep this time so I’m good to go.”