Brian Castano knows that he is facing the fight of his life. That upcoming assignment that can catapult him into the great history of Argentine boxing.

This Saturday, he will face Jermell Charlo in a junior middleweight unification for the titles of the World Boxing Organization (WBO), the World Boxing Council (WBC), the World Boxing Association (WBA) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF).

Their fight, which takes place at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, will headline a Showtime televised tripleheader.

The Argentine fighter analyzed what he must do on the ring, in order to achieve true glory.

“With Charlo we have plan A and plan B. I have several strategies. And I'm going to make him suffer," Charlo told TYC Sports.

"As I said, for Charlo we have plan A and plan B. The first is to pressure him and not let him think at all. I will try to engage and take risks without fear. I no longer have the shame of looking bad. Charlo is a counter-attack boxer. But if you let him box, he will dictate because he also attacks and takes the initiative. That can help me, because I'll put pressure on him and I can drive him crazy. He may think that I'm only going forward in one direction, but I can surprise him with a varied plan. I have other strategies. He's going to have to think. Like I said, I'm going to make him suffer.

“I'm going to machine-gun him with pineapples. I'm going to try to demolish him. I'm not a one-handed knockout artist, but I'll try to get into a rhythm to wear him down. I prefer to use my energy with a lot of punches and not just throwing a few with power."