Former world champion Carl Froch tore apart Saturday's crossover boxing match between Tommy Fury and social media star KSI.

After six rounds, Fury walked away with his hand raised in Manchester. The scores were 57-57, 57-56 and 57-56.

Froch felt the fight atrocious after most of the action saw the two fighters engaged in clinches. Fury, who was becoming increasing frustrated with the holding, hit KSI several times to the back of the head and eventually saw a point deducted.

Froch was in shock that both took part in a heated debate in the aftermath, after neither man took any risks during the fight. KSI believes that he was robbed on the cards, while Fury felt he did more than enough to get the nod.

In his opinion, Froch felt the contest should have been a draw.

"The fight was absolutely f------ diabolical, it was crap, probably the worst fight I've ever seen... It's cringey to watch, Like, 'What are these two guys doing?' It's appalling. Everyone agrees how sh!t it was," Froch stated on his YouTube channel.

"And then they've got the audacity at the end to have an argument. You've just had six rounds to hit each other, and you stood and held each other - now you wanna have a f------- argument? I don't think anybody should've won; it should've been a draw."

Afterwards, Fury made it clear that he wasn't interested in a rematch with KSI. He would, however, entertain the possibility of facing Jake Paul in a second fight. Back in February, Fury handed Paul the first defeat of his boxing career with an eight round split decision.