Boxing doesn’t always take place on a Thursday but considering that it recently did, Alycia Baumgardner wanted to check things out. In the main event slot, Top Rank threw Jamaine Ortiz in the ring with Teofimo Lopez.

On paper, it was supposed to be a walk in the park for the current WBO and Ring Magazine champ. Just a way for him to stay rust-free and loose while bigger fights were being worked upon. Ortiz wasn’t a fan of the role he was asked to play, so he decided to rip up the script and do his own thing.

Ortiz was far from the aggressive fighter he promised to be. He fought for long stretches on the back foot, baited Lopez in, and when the moment was perfect, tagged him continually. While doing so, he made Lopez swing at air. It wasn’t the most entertaining fight in the world, as the Las Vegas crowd booed every second of it but Ortiz fought tactically.

The sound of the final bell was music to the ears of bored fans. It also saw Ortiz flaunt a huge smile. The highly-ranked super lightweight contender was confident that he did enough to win. Baumgardner, who was watching ringside, also shook her head in approval.

She was proud of Ortiz for staying disciplined enough to get the job done. But just when she was on her way out the door to enjoy her night, she looked back in disbelief as Lopez was given the win.

Baumgardner wonders if the three judges sitting ringside were watching the same fight that she was. Although she likes Lopez and respects his talent, she simply believes he didn’t do enough to earn the victory.

“That was a horrible decision,” Baumgardner told Top Rank immediately after. “I believe that Jamaine had boxed beautifully. He stuck to the game plan. Jamaine won that, period.”