As reported last week, the mother of former WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson had filed a lawsuit against the boxer's former partner, Simone God, with allegations that she took $891,000 from Stevenson's bank account.

Stevenson's career basically came to an end in December 2018, when he was brutally knocked out in the eleventh round by Oleksandr Gvozdyk.

Stevenson began to feel dizzy in his dressing room, and was taken to a local hospital. After a brain bleed was discovered, the boxer was operated on and placed in an induced coma to reduce the swelling.

He was in the induced coma for several weeks before waking up. By February of 2019, Stevenson was moved to a medical facility in Montreal, Canada, to continue receiving treatment related to his recovery. Stevenson continued to improve on a weekly basis, talking and becoming more mobile every day. He eventually went home to finish his rehabilitation.

"The improvement I have made is enormous," Stevenson told La Presse. "I improved my thinking about situations. I can better express what I feel. I am progressing, even if everything with the rehabilitation is blocked at the moment [due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic]. I am following the instructions of the government."

Shortly after Stevenson's hospitalization, in December 2018, God requested, and obtained, to be appointed provisional administrator of her husband's property. Six months later, a judge ordered the management of the boxer's assets to be handled by an independent accounting firm.

"I want to help people who have concussion problems. I realized that if they don't have someone to help them, it's easy for people who are vulnerable to be tricked. I was vulnerable. I am not fooling myself, I have been vulnerable. I felt betrayed," Stevenson explained to La Presse.

"Simone God, I'm not going to lie, I loved her very much. But she abused my trust. She is a good manipulator. There are a lot of things she has done ... this situation is very hard for me. I thought it was for life, me and her. Wherever I was, she was there.

"You know, when you love the person and you know they will never do anything to you, it hurts. It hurts. Really. She hurt me. But I don't want to start throwing insults through the media, I will let the legal system settle this. When you have had a concussion like that, you realize that family is the cornerstone. Anyone who has problems like that, if they get a chance to see their family, go for it. Its very important.

“When I was with the other [Simone], I was blocked, I couldn't express myself. I can say how I feel now. Before, I was afraid, because she put me in doubt. Now I'm free, free, free. A free man. I have no one left to tell me what to say. I feel that my mother is there for me. I feel surrounded by love with my mother and my family. Mentally, this is something that is good for me and that allows me to recover. I recovered a lot. My mom, really, played a big part in this. I feel better mentally.

The boxer can now see his four other children, born from previous unions, and he hopes to see his little daughter Adonia again.

"I didn't kick Simone out with my daughter. She fled in the night from the condo she had rented, without leaving an address. The novel that Simone invented is far from the truth. She was not the sweet and caring lover she claims to be. I'm now using the means to see my daughter Adonia, as I see my four other children," Stevenson said.

A few days ago, God issued an open letter on social media, to Stevenson, to detail her side of the story.

Dearest Superman,

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would need to write a letter to you so publicly in order for us to speak, but so many things have happened that it is the only option I have. We were always so in love and so connected, the thought never would have crossed my mind that this is something I would one day have to do. As I sit here totally broken by what has happened, I know this is the only thing I can do.

I have had no way to contact you for the past few months, ever since your mother and siblings sent your attorney to steal you away in the middle of the night and have prevented all access to you from me, your trainers, and others who really care for you. They took you without so much as a word to me, right before a court hearing they set up to take control of your assets. I believe they did so knowing the state of your fragile mind, hoping that if they had you a few days before the hearing, they could manipulate you into saying what the court needed to hear to give them control of your estate.

I thought the injury that left your mind broken was the worst thing that could happen to us...but I was wrong. Your birth mother and half brothers conspiring with the attorney to take you away from us, throwing me and your child out of our home, moving themselves in, stopping your treatments, preventing you from seeing me or your daughter, and spreading so many lies to the press has made this tragedy so much worse. Your little baby girl and I are missing you so much. We were already going through so much that this just feels like an even worse nightmare.

The worst part is that I am not there to make sure you get better, and you're not here to hold me and tell me everything will be okay. I am so worried about you. I am so worried that it will be too late to repair the damage being done to you now. I am hearing that you are not in therapy anymore and  that makes me so terrified for us after this is resolved. You must demand to your family to put you in therapy while they have control over you. Please make sure you tell this to anyone who will listen to you my love. You must stay in your therapy.

I am grieving right now too because it took me a year to realize that the man that went into the ring isn’t here anymore and that’s no longer our reality. I was feeling positive for our future together, but now, even that future has been taken away from us. I was happy knowing that at least we still had you here, that I could hold you, and that you didn’t die. I’ve lost my soulmate and my best friend because a mother, who you were never close to and who abandoned you as a child, has taken advantage of a system that says because we are not married, I cannot keep on caring for you the way I have been; a system that allows estranged parent and siblings, who have nothing to their own name, to claim that what you gave your life to provide for your wife and children, they should control because we had not yet wed before your injury. I am hurting and cannot stop crying every day because in order to get control of your money, they had to take you away from us. I don’t care that they kicked me and your child out of our home and moved themselves in. I care that we can’t wake up with you in the house with us. I don’t care that they are assassinating my character asking for a paternity test. I care that our daughter cries herself to sleep asking where her daddy is. I am willing to let them keep everything if they will just give you back to us. That is all I want. I have my own career and I will take care of you and get you to your treatments myself. I never have needed the money you’ve earned. When it comes down to it, I just need you.

I can never forget the type of man you were...a great partner, lover, father, a fighter, and a champion. You're Superman, babe, so I will keep fighting for you because I know that is what you would want. They may be able to manipulate you now because of your brain injury, but deep down, I know you are still the same Superman you always were. I know you can fight this and come back to us. Please, Adonis, fight. Fight as hard as you can. Come back to us. Fight against the lies and manipulations. Fight to get back control of your mind and your life, and I will be fighting alongside you. They have taken everything from us, but they cannot take our love and our fight.

The night of the boxing fight tragedy, December 1st, 2018, you had your last clear moment before your mind, memories, and thoughts became not your own. In that moment, you told me you were going to become the WBC light heavyweight champion again, but that this would be your last fight because you wanted to be okay for our daughter, Adonia. You were happy saying she will hold your legacy forever, and you were happy for this to be the last fight of you career. You knew it was time. You wanted to retire and spend time with me and your kids, but you wanted to provide for us, so you said, "One last time." Oh how I wish I could have stopped you. I wish I could go back to that night and stop you from ever getting in that ring, but I know you wouldn’t have listened. You were determined to take care of us. You said that you were putting yourself on the line to provide for me and the kids the only way you knew how, by fighting, and ever since that night, I have picked up your spirit and I have been fighting for you right back, taking you to every doctor appointment, surgery, and doing everything I could to bring you back. That journey to where you are now, walking and talking, has been my only joy, but now all I have is sadness and fear. Sadness that all my hard work and prayers will be taken away now that your treatments have stopped, that my prayers, with every fiber in my body, for God to bring my love back to me and heal your brain will be unanswered and instead replaced with the nightmare in front of me now.

I want you to know that you just waking up from this injury made you a champion in my eyes. You are a walking miracle, so I know you are capable of another miracle, but I’m suffering today because I miss you. You are my best friend. I miss the long talks we would have until 5 AM laughing, our wonderful memories, and trips we made together. To know that all those memories are GONE from your mind kills me, but not as deeply as knowing we may not be able to make more.

You use to tell me, "I’m the King, Sisi, but you are my Queen, and we are building this empire together." If I have to give them the empire to get you back safe with me, I will, but here is where you belong. Here is where in your heart you want and need to be.

I did not want to believe the doctors when they told me that you would never be the same man again because you're a champion and you’ve always overcome obstacles. I know you can overcome this. Money-hungry family members have tried to come in before and you always stopped them at the door. Somehow they have manipulated the situation and our lack of planning for a tragedy, that we didn’t see coming, to take you away from us. After being by your side every step of the way, it’s almost as if you are the same person physically, but I know it’s challenging to remember me and our daughter due to the severe brain injury. So I want you to know that I do not blame you for this. I am not upset with you. I just want to have you home.

Adonis, I know this is a very difficult situation for you. I never would have wanted you to choose between your mother and I, even though I know you would always choose me. That’s why I want you to know that I’m glad you are walking and talking. I am happy you are with family even though their motives are unclean, and I would never try and keep you from seeing them as they are claiming. You know this in your heart. It was you who didn’t feel a connection to them because of what they had done in the past. I see and understand now why you had such a disconnect from them.

I know our love was so strong and that we’ve been separated because they couldn’t manipulate you if we were together. It’s everyone against me, and me basically alone fighting for you. The lawyers, your birth mother, half siblings, and baby mothers all have something to gain with us apart. They can get money now that they couldn’t get when you wanted to save it for us. We never got the chance to say goodbye to our relationship when your unscrupulous lawyer ran off with you after conspiring with your family to jump into this long and expensive legal battle they are surely profiting on. This haunts me every day. What cruel and sick humans would do this to a wife who has just endured such a tragedy?

Unfortunately, that lawyer took advantage of the family dynamic issues only to place you with your family members and making a deal with them. The saying "more money, more problems" is very real in this case. If you were broke, they would have left you to me to care for; I am sure everyone reading can feel this is true. But they know there are millions of your money to be had and now they want to come and behave as if I am the enemy when I was the one with you building the empire as your wife. Do not let them win my love. You know the truth.

It’s outrageous that during this big epidemic of COVID-19, when we are asked to stay home due to Coronavirus, these lawyers are still working to rack up the legal bills that motivated them to conspire with your family and take you away. You would never ask for a paternity test for a child we worked to conceive. They are just looking for ways to humiliate me and what we had. Your mother was very unhappy when I was pregnant, and I remember you telling me she was upset over money and you always told me let’s keep our relationship with her at a distance but respectful. Well, she is using that now to say I was keeping you from her. When all is shut down and we can’t go from province to province, this is their concern. Not your therapy. Not your recovery. Not your relationship with your child. These contradicting lawyers and your money-hungry mother are threatening to sue me for fighting to keep the life you and I built. They are using up all of your money to do it by pretending they are acting on your best interest, but in reality are destroying you and the little family we built. My words fail me. This is almost too much to bear.

Before your injury, we were in the middle of building a beautiful home, and they are falsely claiming I stole money when any money spent was to finish a property that had to be finished and other household needs we had. Those who are not accustomed to living million-dollar lifestyles cannot understand what costs are associated with winding them down when tragedies like your injury hit. You know I have done the best I could and I always worked to help build our empire and my own career. Your mother is talking about $890,000 I’ve never taken and is trying to ruin my reputation when she knows nothing of our finances and life.

Our daughter has only me right now since they are locking you away and I find myself grateful she is too young to understand all these proceedings and allegations against me. They are just trying to assassinate my character. So I want to thank the media who know you and I and are reporting the truth despite the lies they are trying to peddle around. I managed everything prior to your injury and I was the only woman you’ve ever trusted with everything and your heart. Your mother and her attorney haven’t allowed you to see your daughter and they are asking for a paternity test when you signed the birth certificate and added our daughter as a beneficiary prior to the boxing incident when you were 100% yourself.

I gave you my everything in the hospital after just giving birth to our daughter. I was caring for a 3-week-old baby, dealing with the tragedy of possibly losing my soulmate, and learning to be a mother through it all.  I decided to put you first because you needed me and I put myself last. I had just given birth and was struggling to breast feed because I was at the hospital all day while the nurse was taking care of our baby. We both missed those first precious months. The agony I have been through the past year, I don’t think many can understand, but I am so grateful to all of you who have tried. I appreciate your support. In fact, it means the world.

It was me who was by your side in the hospital, me who got you back walking and talking, so your birth mother claiming me to be a gold digger is even more cruel. I have been with you through the good times and bad times.

I wish you were able to defend us when they put me and your daughter out of the only home she has known.  It was inhumane. I know you would have fought to protect us from the threats and insults we are facing at this time from your half brothers as well, but you are not able to now, so I will continue to fight this fight with the few true friends we have. Some in the media are sickened by what they see and are fighting to help me. Thank you to those reporters who are putting out the truth they know before a sensational and untrue narrative. Your integrity inspires me.

If only you could understand what I was trying to protect you from now. You told me you had a limited relationship with your family for a reason, and to know they are the ones responsible for your care is making me sick to my stomach, if you could call what they are doing "taking care of you," which is very questionable. I heard you were seen looking dirty and smelly in the subway station. I wish I could take care of you properly my love. They are abusing the power they stole to destroy what you risked your life for in the ring. It is very shameful. I understand now why you kept limited contact with them.

To any media, fans, employees, neighbors, or anyone with love in their hearts for others, if you know or see my Adonis, I’m asking you to please help me to get in touch with him. If you see him, yell to him that his daughter and I love him and miss him dearly. While he is in this mentally fragile state, his deceitful extended family and money-motivated attorneys are the only voices he is hearing. He hasn’t done a public appearance since I was with him at the WBC convention in December. Come together to help Adonis because his true fans know how he loved his woman and child. He is being manipulated by his mother and his siblings and they are keeping him locked away. They are not motivated to help him heal as they are happy living in our beautiful home, driving our cars, and spending his money. When the money is gone, they will all likely put him in a facility and it will be me who gets him out to care for him. 

No one has seen him publicly since he was last seen with me, but maybe we can all unite our voices and demand he be allowed to see others who don’t benefit from him being hurt or this lawsuit. If anyone sees him, please, please, I beg you, please read him this letter and pass him this message that his woman loves him dearly and his daughter misses him and that we want him safe at home with us.

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