At this point, even Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez believes that he should just move up in weight.

After losing virtually every second of every round against Dmitry Bivol late last year, Ramirez (44-1, 30 KOs) needed a feel-good story. In order to do so, Golden Boy Promotions steered Ramirez away from the light heavyweight division’s elite and pointed him in the direction of Gabe Rosado.

Faded and extremely shopworn, Ramirez was expected to blow Rosado out of the water while putting as much distance between himself and his bad outing against Bivol. Like always, the day before his ring return started like any other. Both Ramirez and Rosado made their way to their destinations to make the 175-pound weight limit before eventually hydrating up to their normal levels.

Rosado had no issues, safely making weight. Ramirez, pudgy in the midsection, came in roughly 12 pounds over the limit. Competing at 175 pounds now seems out of the question. But that doesn't mean that Ramirez doesn't have options.

For the Mexican native, his body needed a reprieve. So, with only one option remaining, the 32-year-old has painted a target on the back of current WBC cruiserweight titlist, Badou Jack.

“Let’s make it happen,” said Ramirez to ESNEWS. “People want to see it happen.”

Jack (28-3-3, 17 KOs) has barely had enough time to enjoy his reign before becoming the prey of all of the top names. Just a few short weeks ago, Canelo Alvarez tapped Jack on the shoulders, shoved him into a room, and began hurling millions of dollars at him. Jack, 39, pulled out his wallet and began counting his newfound loot. But, after revealing that team Alvarez not only wanted him to agree to a catchweight of 180 pounds but also a rehydration clause, Jack left the negotiating table.

Jack now has full autonomy over his career and his next move. He’s now in his late 30s and seemingly wants to fight the best that the division has to offer, as long as it makes financial sense.

Those underlying factors may exclude Ramirez from Jack’s future plans. But if the aging champion finds a showdown against Ramirez as rewarding and challenging, the two could begin negotiating terms.

As for how a matchup between them plays out, Ramirez believes it would be disingenuous to merely count Jack out. With that said, he has no doubt as to who would win.  

“Me, obviously.”