The main event of the first remarkable Russian boxing card of 2021, promoted in Ekaterinburg by the RCC Boxing Promotions, has definitely lived up to expectations, as Zhora Hamazaryan and Dmitry Yun produced a non-stop thriller, which ended abruptly at the end of the fourth after Yun suffered a bad injury while being floored by Hamazaryan, who claimed a career-resurrecting TKO victory.

Hamazaryan, 24, was fighting in Russia for the first time in four-plus years, which weren't very successful for him as he went 1-1-2 in the United States - most notably with a draw and a controversial loss to Thomas Mattice in 2018 - and a loss to Arslan Magomedov this October as a part of the KOld Wars series. Yun, 27, started his career overseas, but has been competing in Russia since 2020.

Yun was the first to claim success in a two-way, all-action encounter. He looked better in the first but his best moment came late into the second round, when he put Hamazaryan down with a smashing overhand right. It wasn't a flash knockdown but Hamazaryan recuperated well during the break.

Boxing with a sense of urgency and limiting his aggression to a reasonable minimum, Hamazaryan gave fits to Yun in the third, working off his body, though Yun did slightly better in the end. The fourth was different however, as Hamazaryan finally found his tempo and range to land at Yun effectively.

The end came all of a sudden at the ending moments of the round, when both combatants attempted to tag each other with solid bombs - the only difference being that Hamazryan's right hand landed first. Yun went down heavily. It wasn't a bout-ending knockdown., but the end still came as Yun stumbled back after getting in an upright position in pain. Referee Roman Petrov let both fighters in their corners to signalize the end of the round. Yun barely got to the stool, his right leg betraying him with somewhat severe pain. It appeared to be a bad ankle injury, and Yun's team rightfully called it quits.

Hamazaryan is now 10-2-2, 7 KOs, while Yun suffers his first career loss and down to 5-1, with 1 KO.