Buzzed in rounds two and eight, stunned in round five, cut over the right eye from a butt in round seven, and pressured from start to finish, Zelfa Barrett nevertheless did enough in the judges' eyes not only to prevail, but do so in overwhelming fashion.

The stats, however, indicate this could be a strong contender for worst decision of 2021, for the 34-year-old former champion prevailed by almost every statistical measure on Barrett's home ground. Although Barrett was slightly more active (49.6 punches per round to Martinez's 45.4), Martinez led 184-117 overall and 144-77 power while tying Barrett at 40-40 in landed jabs because he was much more precise (34%-20% overall, 21%-12% jabs, 40%-30% power).

He also led 10-1-1 in the CompuBox round-by-round breakdown of total connects, relevant because clean punching is a key judging factor and because fights are scored round-by-round instead of in totality.

Martinez also pounded the body (112-43 in connects) and his punches carried more power than Barrett's. Scoring: 118-111 (2x), 116-113 B.