Six-time world champion Zab Judah will launch Celebrity Championship Boxing on Saturday, April 3, 2021, at 8pm ET in Atlanta, Georgia. This new boxing exhibition league will include social media influencers, sports figures, entertainers, actors, and street fighters competing in exhibition matches. New fights will be presented on PPV with FITE every 90 days. 

“I started this league to give rivals in sports & entertainment the opportunity to settle their differences in the ring,” says Celebrity Championship Boxing founder Zab Judah, who is the last Undisputed Welterweight World Champion. “There’s so much unnecessary gun violence, especially in Hip Hop. As a six-time World Boxing Champion, I want the youth to know that you can put the guns down and lace up the gloves.”

The televised event will feature a matchup between Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s Don Bishop and International Slap Champion Slap Master. A years-long feud will also be settled between boy band B2K’s Raz B and YouTube star Chris Sails. Battling for the CCB title “Queen of Hip Hop,” Love & Hip Hop’s Bianca Bonnie will fight her nemesis, Miami rapper Blanca La Fina. We’ll also see a historic face-off between Little Women of Atlanta star Abira and Little Women of Dallas star Left Cheek. 

Fighters use 12oz. gloves and will be ranked based on their performance by celebrity judges. The fights will be commentated by  Reality Star/ Grammy Nominated Rapper Young Joc & Former Boxing World Champion, Charles Hatley. Musical performances for the event will be announced in the coming weeks.