Over the weekend at the Arena Oasis in Cancun, Quintana Roo. – Showing great determination and boxing skills, the fighter from Gómez Palacio, Yulihan ‘Cobrita’ Luna, jabbed effectively and flowed up with hard combos, to seize the WBC bantamweight title from Mariana Juarez.

From the beginning “Cobrita” Luna was fierce, landing accurate blows on Mariana´s face, bloodying her nose. Her strategy was based on her jab and her powerful left hand. She delivered and landed blow after blow to the face of “La Barby”.

After five rounds, Yulihan already showed greater authority and power in the ring, since with various combinations she kept her rival distant and managed to punish Juarez.

The rounds passed and the condition of Mariana Juárez revealed exhaustion, while ‘Cobrita’ continued to work effectively with excellent physical work.

With Juarez being completely surprised by Luna’s ambition and hunger for triumph, both gladiators reached the tenth and final round, where they gave their all.

Juárez closed the fight with controversy, as she claimed that the challenger’s gloves contained some object, however, after reviewing them, the cards were announced that made a clear, fair and unanimous decision in favor of the new bantamweight champion.

For Juarez, at 40-years-old, this could be the end of the road.

In other results: WBC flyweight champion, Ibeth ‘La Roca’ Zamora, had a triumphant return to the ring after defeating Edith ‘La Pantera’ Flores by unanimous in Ciudad Neza, presented by Chiquita Boxing.

Zamora returned to the ring after almost two years of inactivity, but she did it in great fashion with her customary skills landing precise and powerful punches, with a lot of movement and above all with her usual vigor plus vim.