Former UFC champion Tyron Woodley made his pro boxing debut last Sunday night and lost an eight round split decision to Youtube star turned boxer, Jake Paul (4-0, 3 KOs).

The fight headlined a Showtime Pay-Per-View event from Paul's hometown of Cleveland.

For the first time in his short career, Paul went through adversity when he was rocked in the fourth round - and was forced to go the entire distance. Paul ended his first three fights inside of two rounds.

In the aftermath of the loss, Woodley felt robbed of a victory and demanded a rematch.

According to the MMA veteran, Paul agreed to an immediate rematch and is now trying to back out of the fight.

“He’s trying to back out of it,” said Woodley to the MMA Hour. “He’s being a coward. I’m calling you out: You’re being a coward.

“I’m willing to be a man and honor my end of the deal [by getting a Jake Paul tattoo]. He made a new deal, since he’s the one that makes the bets. Now the bet blew up in your face. Let’s do it. I’m willing and I will. If I’ve got to get my own tattoo artist, I think I’m sliding to L.A., let’s get it cracking.

"But I need to see some paperwork, because him and his manager are starting to get real [shady]. He told me in there, he said, ‘Tyron, I give you my word.’ This is what [Paul representative] Nakisa [Bidarian] told me, ‘Tyron, I give you my word.’ And he’s been solid — he’s never told me one thing and not been solid about it. I got a lot of love for Nakisa. He said, ‘If you get the tattoo tonight, we’ll give you the rematch.’ And I said, ‘Bet. Let’s run it.’”