Malik Scott, the head trainer of former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, says his boxer's equilibrium was never the same after the third round.

Wilder went down in the third and he was on unsteady legs for the rest of the round.

But, then Wilder fired back when he scored two knockdowns of Fury in the fourth.

Fury would eventually recover, dropping Wilder in the tenth and then again in the eleventh for the knockdown.

In the aftermath, Wilder advised Scott that Fury caught him with a good shot to the ear in the third and it affected his equilibrium for the rest of the fight.

"The first knockdown wasn’t like how the other ones were. It was like; he must have gotten hit with something because he looked wobbly," Blue Blood Sports TV.

“It was like, he got hit with a good shot, and it knocked his equilibrium off, which is good, but that’s not an excuse. His equilibrium was off from Tyson hitting him with a very good shot, and he got up.

“Stop trying to attack Deontay. Cut that sh!t out. The man just gave you a hard guts gory passion. Please give him a break for the first month. Back off with that sh!t. He didn’t say anyone cheated, and he didn’t say ‘He caught me off guard.'

“He said, ‘No, no, no.’ In boxing, people get hit in the ear. This is heavyweight top-quality boxing at the highest level. It’s not an excuse. He got hit in the ear, which is fair play to Fury. Fury is fighting, and he’s trying to get him out of there like we were trying to do him. Those narratives that come out about Deontay are so unfair. ‘Ah, that’s another excuse.’ He didn’t say nobody did nothing wrong. He just said that ‘after I got hit with a good shot, my equilibrium was off, which is factual.”