Heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder cautions that Tyson Fury will face severe consequences if he withdraws from their upcoming trilogy fight.

The two heavyweights collided back in February 2020, with Fury stopping Wilder in several rounds to capture the WBC title.

Last year, Fury and handlers proclaimed that Wilder's immediate rematch clause had expired.

A legal action erupted, with an arbitrator siding with Wilder - and Fury was ordered to honor the rematch clause.

The trilogy fight was set down for July, but it was later pushed back when Fury revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19.

They are now set to collide on October 9th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

But, Wilder expects to receive his money, and the WBC title, if Fury withdraws for a second time. 

"If he don't show up he's gonna have to suffer the consequences, the penalties that've been set forth. If he don't fight, then pay me what you're supposed to pay me. Then you have to give up that belt as well," Wilder told 78SportsTV.

"So it's a win-win situation for me, it's a lose-lose situation for him. That's the great thing about it cause, the saying has always said that history repeats itself.

"We know his actions are always the same, he's done this many of times where he tries to get out of fights. He has had a door to escape from. But at this moment in time he has no more doors, no options. He has to put up or shut up, fight or retire. Either fight and give me my money or give up that belt. It's a win-win situation for me and with that being said I can sleep at night.

"We had go to court through arbitration just to get this fight. They always talk about how easy the fight was but they really know what the real was. If it was so easy, we wouldn't be going through this. I don't think any other fighter would have to go through this, but being that it's me and how dangerous I am they try to avoid me. Which is ok, it boosts my confidence even more. These guys avoid me so much, it's sickening for the sport. Everybody got Covid or all these guys juicing and cheating, it's just ridiculous."