Malik Scott, the trainer of former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, views top-rated contender Dillian Whyte as a very dangerous opponent.

Whyte and Wilder have been trading words for several years, as the British boxer has been waiting for a mandatory shot at the green and gold belt.

"Whyte in my opinion because he’s more deceiving. His height appears shorter than his actual height really is and his best and hardest punch really is his left jab/hook. His arms are longer than they appear and they hang down almost to his knees," Scott told The Sun.

“So when you think you’re out of range of his height, it’s tricky because you’re still in arm’s reach of him because of his long arm length. And his power comes from his bull-like strength, not from the correction of his punches.”

Wilder is scheduled to return to the ring on October 9th, when he faces current WBC champion Tyson Fury in a trilogy fight.

The next fight for Whyte is unknown, but he's expected to return in the fall.

While Scott views Whyte's still as being dangerous - he feels that it also makes him susceptible to big shots.

"Whyte is just dangerous for anyone, but what makes him vulnerable for Wilder is he’s very front-foot heavy. And I think being under 6ft 3ins going against any powerful puncher, especially Deontay, is a recipe for disaster," Scott said.

“With AJ it’s a little different because since his loss to Ruiz Jr he’s added more to his game with hand positioning, controlling his distance, etc. But he’s a bigger target to hit and by him being better fundamentally, that makes him more vulnerable stylistically to get clipped by Deontay.”