Malik Scott, the head trainer for heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder, had previously explained that his fighter has been working on different tactics - like body shots - for the upcoming trilogy fight with WBC world champion Tyson Fury. (photo by Ryan Hafey)

Wilder and Fury will collide on October 9th at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Wilder is also working with experienced trainer and cutman Don House.

House reveals that Wilder is not going to enter the ring with a one-way strategy of simply relying on his power.

"As a trainer for Deontay Wilder, everyone knows he’s got that bomb. If he catches you with that, you’re going to sleep," House told 78SportsTV.

“I saw a lot of things in Deontay that he didn’t see himself. But when you have that bomb, when you can crack with that right hand a lot of times, you rely just on that. But when somebody can take that from you, it makes it difficult to win a fight. Listen, Deontay is a pure athlete.

“By saying that, there are a lot of things that he can get away with that a lot of fighters can’t get away with. This guy [Deontay] is fast, and he’s got power with both hands. I don’t want to give away all the secrets, but all the fundamental things, he’s picking up easy."

House further confirmed that Wilder will indeed target the body of Fury - as opposed to his normal routine of going for a one-punch knockout.

“I’d rather get hit in the head than the body. Deontay has always been focused on knocking guys out to the head. We’re not going to do that in this fight. We’re going to box him and going to break down the body. He [Wilder] loves the body. It’s a bigger target, and you’ve seen Fury’s body on how big a target it is. It’s an easy target to hit. We’re going to maintain and stay in that area, and put the money in the bank, then break him down and knock him out," House said.