According to heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder, he saw a lot of nervous energy last month from division rival Anthony Joshua, when the two former champions were present for a press conference in Saudi Arabia to announce the 'Day of Reckoning' card.

On December 23 in Riyadh, Joshua will collide with top contender Otto Wallin, while Wilder is going to face fellow former champion Joseph Parker.

Should Wilder and Joshua win their respective fights, there is a possibility of them colliding at a later date in 2024.

During the recent press conference, Wilder stayed calm while other fighters - like Jarrell Miller and Wallin - engaged in verbal warfare with Joshua.

“I think I shocked a lot of people when I came with a cool, calm and collected attitude [to the press conference]. But that's me all day. There's a time and place for all things and that wasn't the time and the place to come out with all the 'I’ve been waiting on you AJ' or say something like Jarrell Miller said.  I didn't have to say anything, everyone said what needed to be said, especially Jarrell Miller. I can't stand him one bit, but he told the truth about AJ," Wilder said to Instant Casino.

"By him saying what he said, enough was said. I didn't need to come to AJ. It seemed like a lot of other guys were already coming at him. It seems like he doesn't have the respect he once had. A lot of the guys coming up disrespect him and say anything to him. And I think that's kind of a frustrating thing for him, to go from one state of mind - everyone respects him - to now losing a few times and everyone now thinks you're very beatable and we can beat you, so we're going to talk trash to you and get to you. 

"That's what I got from [being around] him. But for me he was all nervous. Nerves when it comes to me, because they don't know how I am. They don't know how I am in different situations, so when I came in that manner it really shocked him. And it shocked a lot of people. I wish the best for AJ, but it's been a long time coming between me and him; the anticipation, the hype, this is the number one fight in the world. 

"Everywhere I go, that's the main fight people ask me about and one day soon it will finally happen after all these years of trying over and over again. Recently their side admitted they held this fight up; not taking the $50M, low balling me, flat fees and all that stuff. But with patience and time the truth shall reveal itself and it has. He's got to get Wallin out the way and I've got to get Parker out the way and may God be with us in those fights and when we come out safe we let the big games begin.”