LAS VEGAS – Asked who he wanted to fight next after he vanquished the challenge of Frank Martin in eight rounds, WBA lightweight champion Gervonta Davis made himself perfectly clear. “All of them,” he said.

He was referring to the likes of Vasiliy Lomachenko, IBF champion, and Shakur Stevenson, who hold the WBC belt. Baltimore’s Davis is now 30-0 (28 KOs).

“Once again we did it again. On to the next,” he said.

“I just had to get him [Martin] in range. I was finding my range. He had a decent jab, he was moving a lot, I just had to break him down as the fight went on. He was definitely throwing more punches than I was in the beginning rounds and my whole thing was to let him tire himself out.

"I don’t think he was connecting with a lot of those shots, but he was definitely touching my gloves and stuff like that. I knew he was going to tire himself out. That was the game plan. He had decent power but he was wearing down as the fight was going on. That’s how I knew he was breaking down. That’s when I started picking it up more and my coach was telling me to pick it up more.”

By the time the end came, it did not matter what Martin had left in the tank such was the power of the shot that shut his lights out so dramatically. 

“The way he fell. I knew he wasn’t getting back up because he hit his head on the mat,” said Davis. “Overall, he’s a great fighter.”

Davis had predicted a win in eight rounds – “I was just throwing it out there” – and was then asked who he wanted to fight next.

“I’m willing to fight all of them. Simple as that.

“[Victory’s] cool, but the job’s not done. So it’s on to the next. It was a good build up, Frank is a great fighter. He put up a good four to five rounds.

“I can’t celebrate too much because I’ve got to do it again.” 

Davis was also asked about how it felt taking part as the bill-topper for the MGM Grand Garden Arena’s 100th championship boxing fight night.

“It’s big. I’m grateful to be part of this moment,” Davis continued. “Things start to come together. Just being part of this whole thing, fighting in Vegas, fighting at the MGM and fighting in the same building as a lot of legends.”