Nikita Tszyu 69.82kg vs. Danilo Creati  69.68kg

(Tszyu’s Australian Super Welterweight Title — 10 Rounds)

Jerome Pampellone 79.10kg vs. Malik Zinad 79.12kg

(IBF World Light Heavyweight Eliminator  — 12 Rounds)

Clara Lescurat 52.00kg vs. Linn Sandstrom 51.98kg

(Lescurat’s WBA World Super Flyweight Women’s Title - 10 x 2 min Rounds)

Cesar Mateo Tapia 72.26kg vs. Keiber Gonzalez 71.86kg

(WBA Latina Middleweight Title - 10 Rounds)

Benjamin Hussain 69.84 vs. Mason Smith 69.56kg

(WBA Oceania Super Welterweight Title - 10 Rounds)

Jasmine Parr 51.86kg vs. Sarah Watt 52.02kg

(Women’s Super Flyweight  - 6 Rounds)

Charlie Kazzi 61.92kg vs.  Joe Kara 61.18kg

(Lightweight  - 5 Rounds)

Shanell Dargan 54.84kg vs. Christine Gillespie 54.66kg

Super Bantamweight - 6 Rounds

Andrei Mikhailovich 77.04kg Leslie Sherrington 81.68kg

Agreed Catchweight - 6 Rounds

Nikita Tszyu: “I had an ice pack on my head. I was laying (back), cruising. A superstar, rocking up fashionably late. It’s actually better like this, you don’t have to stand around waiting for the undercard guys. I just came in, everyone looking at me ... it’s kind of nice. I had to lose two (kilos) today but I do it all the time. We also have a sauna and a bath that we use as a back up. It happened last camp as well. We thought it would work this time ... I guess not.”

Danilo Creati: “Oh, he really struggled with the weight. It was written it in his eyes up there on stage. And the guy looked skinny. So that’s what I told him up there. I told him he looked skinny, he said ‘yes, I’m hungry’ and I said ‘we going to eat tomorrow’. I’m going to surprise everyone and make history.”