Frank Warren, promoter for WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, is still hopeful that a deal can be reached for a domestic blockbuster with Anthony Joshua.

The two sides are discussing a potential fight for the date of December 3 at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, with a 60-40 split in Fury's favor.

Fury had set a deadline of Monday to get the deal done.

He took to social media shortly after 5PM (UK time) to announce the fight was "off" due to Joshua's handlers not returning a signed contract.

However, Warren indicates that both sides are still discussing the details and a deal is still possible - but at the same time he cautioned that Fury has lost patience with the negotiations dragging out.

“We’re trying to get it done by today. We’re working very hard to get it over the line. If everyone agreed everything, it would be a huge undertaking, but we could do it that way," Warren told Talk Sport.

“Tyson has told me what he wants. They’ve had the contract for ten days and he’s lost patience with it. We’re trying to make it work and we had a good meeting today so we’ll see what happens.

“We’re waiting for it [the contract] to come back, it’s not come back, the contract, and we’re waiting for it to come back. We’ve agreed certain things, we’re waiting for it to come back and we’ve been waiting for ten days, so I’ve got no idea. There’s nothing as far as we’re concerned. We thought we’d got it over the line, more or less. They’ve got the contract, they’ve got to come back to us now. There’s been a lot of conversations, but they’ve not come back. My son, George, spoke to the other side and said they’d get it back, so we’re waiting for it still.

“We’re not that far away from December 3. We’ve got to get it up on sale. The venue’s booked but there’s a lot of organization involved.”