CHEATHAM COUNTY, TN - Lightweight prospect, Tyler “Short Fuse” Tomlin (13-1, 9 KOs), who is promoted by Lou DiBella, made the rounds at the Cheatham County Schools last week, along with Anthony Clark from the Quienteen Clark Foundation, as the two spoke of the dangers of drugs for today's youth. 

"This is a subject near and dear to my heart," said Tomlin, mere days before his 23rd birthday.

"I have known a lot of people impacted by drug addiction, and a lot of times it is simply dealing with past problems in unconstructive ways. I found boxing to channel all my energy into, and I hope by sharing my story and experience, I can both warn and also encourage those who are facing or will face drugs in the future.

"Drugs like fentanyl are taking the lives of too many people far too soon. I want to make an impact at a grassroots level, and be readily available to people in my community as a symbol of hope and encouragement for good."

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Cheatham County has seen a rise in drug overdoses, a big factor is a dangerous new drug called fentanyl, which Tomlin spoke on. This drug is so potent, that a small dosage can cause an overdose, and is often laced with other drugs, undenounced to the one taking the drug.