Unbeaten prospect Tommy Fury, who is the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, is taking aim at Youtube star turned boxer, Jake Paul.

The two rivals were in action this past Sunday, as part of a Showtime Pay-Per-View card.

Fury opened up the pay-per-view card with a four round decision over Anthony Taylor.

And Paul was featured in the main event, with an eight round split decision over former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

For the first time, Paul (4-0, 3 KOs) had to deal with adversity. He was rocked in the fourth round and appeared gassed during certain points in the second half.

The stage could be set for a future clash between Paul and Fury.

But, Fury is not convinced that Paul will fight again.

“You’d be surprised if you see him in the ring again because I don’t think Jake Paul has got a lot of balls,” Fury said to MMAFighting.

“It’s obvious. He got asked about me in the post-fight interview and didn’t have nothing to say. He confronted me in the hallway there, had his 15-20 team (of people) jump all over us. We was there. We were ready to fight there and then. He’s big in front of cameras but small by himself and Jake Paul realized tonight how hard the sport of boxing is, and he got clipped with a little shot. Imagine if he got hit, dropped. I don’t know if you’ll see Jake Paul back in the ring again.”

In the aftermath of the event, Fury and Paul got into a verbal confrontation and had to be pulled apart by their respective teams.

“I think we all saw tonight, Jake Paul clearly didn’t know how hard boxing was,” Fury said.

“He took one good right hand in the ear, stumbled back, went through the ropes and thought, ‘Oh, this is a bit of a hard game, isn’t it? I’ll stick to the YouTubing business.’ I think that’s what you saw tonight. He took one good shot in a boxing ring and he crumbled. If Tyron would’ve pressed on a little bit more through them rounds, Jake Paul would’ve been out of there.”