Light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury smirked as he suggested that a "no-elbow" clause might be required in any bout agreement for a potential fight with Youtuber turned boxer, KSI.

The verbal swipe was a direct response to KSI's recent controversial knockout of Joe Fournier.

Last month, KSI was initially awarded a second round knockout victory over Fournier.

Several replays would show that KSI scored the knockout by landing an elbow to the jaw of Fournier, who went down hard and found himself unable to beat the count of ten. During the sequence of punches, the referee missed the illegal blow.

After reviewing the video footage, the Professional Boxing Association [PBA], who sanctioned the fight, would change the result to a no-decision.

After that fight, Fury entered the ring and went face to face with KSI. The two men exchanged words before things got physical and they were separated.

Earlier this year, Fury pulled off an upset when he outboxed another social media star, Jake Paul, over eight rounds. He feels confident of handling KSI in a more dominant manner.

"What's funny about this is KSI is going to be talking and talking like Jake [Paul] did in the build-up to it, but the same thing is going to happen," Fury stated on his Youtube channel. "Actually no, not the same thing. He's going to be on the floor because Jake Paul is a little bit more reserved, but this KSI is just gung-ho, wild with no head movement. You can't do against a top fighter and I'll put it in the contract, no elbows.

"It's going to be nice just shutting up these people who have been rambling on for years about being fighters. Being about it, but they've never fought one person that can actually fight. I think it [influencer boxing] will never die because they will just fight different people and other YouTubers. Them fighting professional boxers, that will end.

"The way I see it is like a pie. One side of it being Jake Paul and the other side of it being KSI. I have already ate one side of the pie and sh!t it out, that's why he [Paul] is now fighting a 40-year-old man. Now all I have to do is eat the other pie and guess what? The pie is no longer there, it's over. That's what I plan on doing this year, end it all."