Tommy Fury had aspirations of becoming a world champion. He still does. But he took a bit of a detour these last 12 months. After scoring a points win over Daniel Bocianski, Fury was determined to show that “YouTubers” turned boxers had no business in the sport he grew up loving.

In late February, the 24-year-old took on arguably the biggest name in crossover boxing in Jake Paul. Oddsmakers and Paul himself were confident that Fury didn’t have what it took to pick up the win. Ultimately, they were wrong. With a split decision victory over the prevalent YouTuber, Fury viewed Olajide William Olatunji (KSI) as his next most logical opponent.

In terms of popularity, KSI was on par with Paul. So, with Fury getting his hands on him a few short weeks ago, he was the happiest man in the room as he registered a close and somewhat controversial win.

Of course, having faced both fighters, the topic surrounding Fury is simple...who’s better? When asked to give his pick if Paul and KSI were to get it on, Fury didn’t waste any time.

“I think Jake Paul knocks him out,” Fury told recently.

From the outside looking in, Paul, at least to a certain extent, is attempting to eventually get into the championship picture. He’s racked up seven wins in his eight pro fights and plans on fighting again before he pulls the curtains down on his 2023.

KSI isn’t in his immediate plans, but Paul has stated on numerous occasions that he needs to fight him at some point.

Fury, in the meanwhile, is turning his focus back on winning a world title. No longer is he enthralled by the crossover boxing world but he does agree that Paul vs. KSI is a must-see matchup.

In terms of how Paul should be viewed by his boxing brethren, Fury believes he should be given respect. Although his path to becoming a fighter was unorthodox, Fury has no problem admitting that he’s a lot better than many give him credit for.

“He just knows what he’s doing. He’s actually not bad. Jake’s better than some boxers in natural boxing. I believe Jake Paul would win that easily to be fair.”